Management Team



President Commisioner   : H. Ahmad Mawardi
Commisioner   : Andreas



President Director   : Martinus Chandra
Directors   : Natanail
    : Ruddy Sastrodidjojo


PT. KALIBESAR RAYA UTAMA (KBRU) was founded in Jakarta in 1986.  KBRU was founded before brokers are generally known and became one of the pioneers in the insurance broker industry in Indonesia. The basis for the establishment of KBRU was that the company founders forecasted that in the future, most companies would rather use insurance brokers to handle all their insurance issues than to have special internal insurance department.

Companies that use our services, ranging from multinational to local companies, have seen and experienced the benefits of using KBRU. KBRU is committed in giving the best service for every customer, everyone is a valued customer and deserves the best service.

Marketing Team - Your Insurance Division
All of KBRU marketing personnels gives comprehensive service to each customer, from registering until settling claims. We will help each customer in filling out all the necessary forms and giving any consultation needed. Our personnel will also help in providing information on maturities and preparing all the procedures needed for renewal process.

Engineering Department - Satisfactory Insurance Coverage
Our Engineering Department specializes in various types of insurance coverage and is responsible for preparing insurance application to insurance companies. KBRU will prioritize in maximizing the customers’ benefits by negotiating the best terms and conditions from the insurance companies.

For more than 20 years we have built partnerships and established good relationships with various insurance companies, which give our Engineering Department an advantage over other brokers.

Information Technology - Achieving Work Efficiency and Effectiveness
The Information Technology Department fully supports every business unit and processes each of our customers' insurance closures. In 2000, our IT Department introduced the use of the Brokers application program. This application program allows all Departments in KBRU to get information easily, so that we would be able to give fast and accurate service to all customers.

Claims Department - Full Settlement
The importance of the Claims Department cannot be overlooked as our performance is measured by the speed with which we handle our customer claims.

Employee Benefits - Special Division
The Employee Benefits Department is a special division that manages insurance programs related to employee benefits for both corporate and individual needs. With our qualified medical and office personnel, we can create an insurance program that suits the needs of our customers. The available products include: Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Severance Pay and Pension Plan as well as special insurance products for other workers.

KBRU's success in providing services that give 100% satisfaction to its customers is the result of the professionalism and dedication of all departments working in unity!


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