Claim Procedure

Upon discovery of a loss, then our client must report the loss and complete the brief details requested (see enclosed) to KBRU claims Department verbally by phone or in writing by fax or E-mail within 3x24 hours.

KBRU Email

KBRU Phone

Phone Number : (021) 4288-3707
Fax Number : (021) 4288-3708, 422-3709

:: When the loss has occurred, then our client must do all necessary action to save and keep the loss/damaged items on the time and after the incident :: 

For any certain claim if necessary, KBRU will conducting a preliminary survey before the Insurance Company conducting the survey. KBRU with the Insurance Company or appointed Loss Adjuster will conduct claim survey as soon as possible after KBRU received claim notification from our client. Regarding this matter our client is obliged to give full assistance to the Insurance Company or appointed Loss Adjuster to investigate the loss. Then KBRU will inform to our client the necessary supporting documents.

Proposed Adjustment
Our client is obliged to complete the claim supporting documents as required ( all the documents must be sent to KBRU and then KBRU will send it to the Insurance Company). KBRU will asking the Insurance Company to give the claim Proposed Adjustment within 30 days at the most after all the documents completed by our client.

Payment Realization
The Insurance Company shall finalize claim payment within 30 days at the latest after the settlement figure on proposed adjustment agreed by our client. The Insurance Company (Leader and Co-Member) will pay the claim directly to our client account and KBRU will send the copy of transfer payment to our client after received it from the Insurance Company.



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