KBRU Services

Risk Assessment & Loss Control

Our qualified and experienced Risk Surveyor Engineers will analyze client's risk exposures, advising how the risk can be reduced or avoided. Loss control through our risk recommendations  to call for client's attention on what areas need improvement, correction or elimination

Insurance Company Selection

To provide our clients the best service and secure insurance coverage it is our duty to choose the most suitable and secure insurance company for our client's particular risk. Our strict criteria for selecting our securing includes a solid financial fundamental to meet any claim demand, good historical in claim process and the best terms and conditions to meet our client's need.

Administration Services and Control

Our executives will manage and administer all clients insurance requirements such as keeping track, updates and control for the company's insurance placement, renewals in timely manner systematically with the support of our estabilished Broker Applicatiom Program.

Claim Negotiation and Settlement

Probably the most important service we provide is prompt claim settlement. Our Claim Department has a wide range of experience and qualifications with carefully planned claim preparation, regularly updates and reviews claim progress with team effort and continuous discussion with claimants to obtain specific information required to get the proper claim reimbursement.


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