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The Broker refused to manage premium
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General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI) insisted on proposing there is a clause the insurance broker banned manage your insurance premiums or contributions of takaful in revision ACT Perasuransian.

Chairman of the AAUI Cornelius Simanjuntak Ahmad says that in order to be included in the discourse of revision no. 2/1992 of Perasuransian Efforts, and it has been in line with their studies. However, among the brokers protest loudly that plan. He said based on the experience of members of the premium payment of intermediaries, often late which eventually sometimes give rise to the dispute. "In fact we don't mind premium payment via brokers, but paid quickly, especially for the retail business. Our new policy studies will be published if there are preminya, such as payment in the sector, so the issue rather than through a broker or not, "he said in Jakarta recently. He asked for it is placed according to their relative proportion that insurance protection services provided if the loss of the premium already paid.

General insurance intermediary actors need to help charge a premium to the insured, as they represent the insured when mempro-ses claims. Cornelius said the offender understand general insurance if timely payment for renewal rather difficult diiakukan by insured corporation with a huge premium numbers, such as Rp 500 million or $ l billion. He said the premium payment is made possible for dicicil several times. However, the perpetrator will only publish general insurance policy has already paid off the first installment. According to Cornelius slowness of premium payment is not completely error broker, but who also opened the gap with the existence of a Treaty of cooperation of both parties. In fact, there is a provision that allowed the recording of assets {admitted assets) in a period of time.

Insurance brokerage agencies prohibiting discourse to charge, receive, hold, or manage your insurance premiums or contribution takaful leveled by the head of Bapepam-LK Perasuransian Isa Rachmatarwata the general meeting of members of the Association of insurance and Reinsurance Brokers (ABAI) Indonesia in Bandung recently. Premium payments will be made directly to the insurance company clients to suppress disputes that may arise due to delays in the payment of a premium. Brokers and brokerage firms because of income insurance objection other than bank interest premium funds deposited to an insurance company before potentially trousers trimmed to 60%. Isa said the issue was not new as it bans other countries already are applying policy. "Somewhat ironic as well as an undertaking of the insurance brokers but flowers. incomenya Cook line of business of the insurance brokers but he did not earn an income from the insurance broker, it is ironic. "

{Bisnis, 23 November 2009) Peran hilang Ketua umumi Asosiasi Broker Asuransi Indonesia (ABAl) Mira Sih'hati mengatakan faktor terpenting bukan kehilangan pendapatan yang lain, melainkan hilangnya peranan broker. Dia meyakini akan timbul berbagai permasalahan utamanya jika broker dan perusahaan asuransi tidak tertib admihistrasi. "Kalau broker tidak tertib administrasi, dia tidak monitor apakah klien benar sudah membayar ke asuransi, begitu ada klaim yang salah broker juga," Ujarnya Direktur Eksekutif AAJI Stephen Juwono mengatakan sebaiknya peran broker tidak dihilangkan dengan meminta tertanggung langsung membayar premi ke perusahaan asuransi. Dia mengatakan di negara lain kebanyakan broker beroperasi dengan dua akun. Pertama; trust account yang tidak boleh'. disentuh dan diaudit setiap tahunnya. Rekening itu memuat premi dari nasabah kecuali komisi dan brokerage fee yang harus segera dipisahkan dan dimasukkan dalam rekening kedua yakni operation account. 

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