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Dangers and risks
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Every human action can pose a risk. This risk depends on the various activities performed deeds/person. In terms of insurance, the risk is the possibility of losses that will be experienced by someone who caused by hazards that may occur but it is unknown when the occurrence and what will happen.

We therefore need to be "Readily Umbrella Before the rain". To deal with those risks we need preparation and the protection it deserves. So the importance of insurance more visible when one is overwritten accident, accident indeed undesirable person. But who could resist such a disaster if the occurrence of social unrest or flood accident that happened some time ago in Jakarta, were not suspected of appearing in front of the eyes. Not accounting for losses to be borne by the community due to such disasters. Then be grateful, if You happen to get the insurance, don't have to bother looking for money to repair the damaged home or a car due to the flood enough ngadat Ene lacing add claims to insurance companies, you will receive compensation.

With the frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as floods and fires in Jakarta and a number of areas in the country, making people or businessmen start glancing insurance as an option to reduce the risk of losses that may occur at a later date. This phenomenon is not detached from the situation and conditions in Indonesia in recent years, as well as the level of public awareness will be an increasingly improved usability of insurance. 


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